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Modern Kitchens

Design Create A Beautiful Centrepiece With A Waterfall Island

A waterfall island refers to a kitchen worktop that flows over each side of the island at a 90-degree angle. The name stems from how the worktop looks similar to the cascading flow of a waterfall. Modern kitchens are always showcasing new designs, innovations and trends, so it is no surprise that they have been utilising this popular feature for the past decade.

Incorporating A Waterfall Island Into Your Kitchen

Waterfall islands are especially popular in open plan living spaces where they provide an elegant statement that blends the kitchen and dining areas. They visually open up your space and almost look like beautiful sculptures. This is especially because they showcase the stones’ beautiful natural markings.

Their design is both practical and versatile. They provide additional worktop space to prepare your food or put out a delicious buffet spread. In addition, they can be accompanied by stylish stools to transform the area into a breakfast bar and dining area. They are also great for family kitchens because there are no sharp corners and they are easy to clean. So, you don’t need to worry that your little ones will create a mess when you turn your back. Our Calacatta Silestone kitchen is a beautiful example of how to incorporate a waterfall island into your kitchen.

What Materials Should I Choose?

The main purpose of the waterfall island is to be a stunning centrepiece. To help it withstand everyday usage, it’s important to pick a worktop material that looks great and is durable! The most important thing is that the island should look as though it is made from one, continuous material. Keep in mind that your kitchen island should create a cascading waterfall effect, so the colours and veining need to be well harmonized. Mismatched colours or veining will create an interrupted design and ruin the seamless effect.

Many of our customers choose Granite as it is one of the most popular and prestigious materials for a kitchen worktop. Some other beautiful materials we regularly recommend to our customers are quartz and Silestone.

If you are designing a new modern kitchen and are interested in a waterfall island, call us on 01604 435835. If you would like to visit our showroom and see our kitchens for yourself, also give us a call or fill out our contact form– we would love to show you what we have on offer!