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Modern Pantries

A pantry is a specific space that stores dry goods that are suitable for storing at room temperature; traditionally they were spaces to store foods such as flour and preserves. Now, thanks to modern design hacks, modern pantries store more than just food items! They make perfect spaces to keep our kitchen appliances and gadgets. Or if you are a keen baker, pantries can make brilliant spots to conceal your mixers, dry ingredients and cookbooks. Alternatively, our modern pantries work well to store your coffee makers and your large variety of hot beverages for those who deem themselves, coffee connoisseurs.

So, if you are in the process of designing a kitchen and would like to incorporate a pantry into the space, here are four things you should consider to make the most out of your kitchen space and modern pantry.

Consider Colour

There are two things you should think about when considering the colour of your pantry. Some prefer for their pantries to be hidden when they’re not in use. Therefore, to keep this cohesion, you should opt to paint it the same as the rest of the kitchen’s cabinet, so that it fits into the overall style of the kitchen.

Conversely, choose to be bold. Paint it in a different colour to the rest of your cabinets. This is a helpful way to define the area the pantry inhabits and create a standout feature in your kitchen.

Whichever colour you choose, your pantry is sure to be a beautiful feature. It will elevate your space with its appearance, as well as its functionality.

Save Space with Pull Out Modern Pantries

If you are struggling for space but would still like a modern pantry, don’t worry! Pull out pantries are brilliant for smaller spaces and help to maximise those frustrating, awkward spaces too. They are designed to fit inside tall cabinets. They include a number of different shelves that make storing your food items simple, whilst also being a great place for storing items that should be kept upright.

When pulled out, they can be accessed from both sides granting you easy access to all of its contents. Even those items that are stored at the back. As well, a pull-out pantry can be used to store other things- not just food items. You can store your pots and pans here, order your spices or keep your cleaning supplies here. These styles of modern pantries have multiple purposes, so depending on your needs, these are sure to keep your kitchen clean and free of clutter.

Placement is Paramount

Another key thing to consider is where a pantry should be placed in a kitchen. Where possible it’s always useful to keep the pantry adjacent to your fridge. This will keep your food storage zoned in one area and ensure the space is neat. By keeping it in this space, it can be assumed that your cooking appliances shall be nearby. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about running between your pantry storage area and your oven when cooking or baking.

Add Lighting

An overlooked feature of modern pantries is lighting. Adding lights to your pantry’s shelving gives your space a warm glow and ensures nothing gets lost at the back. We recommend LED light strips to our customers. They have the ability to highlight specific areas of interest and draw your eyes to the chosen features in an elegant, sophisticated way.

If you would like to add a pantry to your space or would like a whole new kitchen, get in contact with us on 01604 435835. We would be happy to help you with your dream project and make your ideas a reality. Or, if you would like to see our modern pantries for yourself, call us to book a showroom visit.