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Modern Kitchens

Design Trends 2022

Modern Kitchen Trends 2022

A new year means a lot of things. New beginnings, new goals, new starts. Most importantly for us at Modern Kitchens, it means new, emerging modern kitchen trends for 2022. Many customers use the new year to begin consolidating ideas ready to design their new kitchen for the year ahead. So here we have collated a range of our favourite modern kitchen trends of 2022. From smart appliances to specific colour choices, implement this list of trends into your new modern kitchen design and you are sure to impress every house guest… Not just this year, but for many years to come!

1. Minimalism

This first modern kitchen trend for 2022 is minimalism. This trend is perfect for those who hate clutter and love to keep their spaces clean. Minimalism is a modern look that can be easy to achieve if you always ensure you focus on practicality throughout the design process. Overall, this will be a firm favourite for those who are looking to streamline and simplify their homes. By simplifying their home’s aesthetics, many are therefore creating environments that are stress-free and perfect for drowning out life’s daily stresses.

Some ideas you may want to consider if you are looking to adopt this 2022 modern kitchen trend, is to opt for alternatives to wall cabinets. Doing this will open up your space and make it feel larger and brighter. As well, another great idea is to choose integrated appliances. These can be hidden behind our cabinet doors that house them. Another primary way to achieve a minimalist style is to hide freestanding worktop appliances like coffee machines or microwaves in spaces such as a pantry or larder cupboards to upkeep this minimalism. We suggest that, instead of always looking to your kitchen worktop to house things, change your mentality and instead find hidden homes for these items instead.

2. Smart Appliances

The second modern kitchen trend is smart appliances. From coffee machines to dishwashers and fridges, modern smart devices feature easy to use touch controls that help to make our lives easier! We also predict that many will be purchasing boiling water taps from brands like Quooker. These provide you with boiling water instantly and are features that many will be using instead of a standard kettle.

In addition, many shall begin switching to drawer appliances for their modern kitchens. Examples include drawer dishwashers which are placed at the same height as our kitchen cabinets to make for easy reach. Brands like ‘Fisher and Paykel’ have long been creating pull out drawer appliances like fridges and dishwashers; as we become more invested in the ergonomics of our kitchens, such innovations are becoming staple features which is why we predict they shall become a modern kitchen trend for 2022.

3. Baby Blue

For many years, navy blues and deep green hues have been the colours of choice for many homeowners. Although these colours will continue to stay popular, baby blue is looking to become a popular colour choice this year too. It’s a colour that is tranquil and airy to provide you with a soothing environment to relax in after a long day at work. It’s also a shade that can be adapted to suit many styles of kitchen, not just modern! Therefore, it is the colour’s versatility that is catching many peoples eyes too. So if you are unsure what colour to choose for your new kitchen, why not consider baby blue?

4. Lighting

2022 is the year we change the way we light our kitchens. We will no longer be lighting our kitchens with one statement piece. Instead, we shall use a variety of lights and layer them for different purposes throughout the space. For example, spotlights are brilliant for zoning different areas of the kitchen and encourage focussed working. Soft lighting in other areas helps to promote relaxation and the transition between work and home life. In addition, why not invest in simple LED strip lights to add to your pantry or larder cupboards? These work to give direct task lighting to these prep areas or to highlight the decorative glassware which may occupy these spaces. There are many different ways you can light your kitchen, you should experiment and discover the different layers which work well for you and your space.

5. Home Bars

It comes as no surprise that one of the key trends for modern kitchens in 2022 is a home bar. As we are entertaining more at home, thanks to the pandemic, our homes have begun to accommodate this. Therefore, home bars are swiftly becoming a must-have feature. Many will opt for simplistic drinks cabinets to conceal their alcoholic delights, whereas others may design a full bar area for their home to showcase their beverages and their exert their social prowess.

To summarise, there is a key theme that underlines all of these modern kitchens trends in 2022. Now more than ever people are designing spaces with a prominent focus on improving our quality of life. We can thank the pandemic for that! Whether that means toning down our designs and opting for a minimalistic style or choosing colours that promote calmness and serenity, the pandemic has made us more conscious of feeling good and that has translated to the upcoming trends.