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Kitchen Prices

Kitchen Prices

To give you an idea of how much one of our Modern Kitchens will cost, we have selected a few examples. The quoted price is for our kitchen furniture only. Our clients fitting, worktops and appliances have not been listed and would be extra.

Retro Kitchen - £10,905

This typical uncluttered retro kitchen layout takes advantage of the space by creating a run of base units, then adding a large block of tall units. These units are useful to house multiple ovens and microwaves, or a second block of colour to the room.

Reflective Kitchen - £11,508

Glass, polished marble and mirrors creates the illusion of space and light in this modern kitchen. To maximise the space further in the room the units were mainly kept to one wall. Then an island was placed central to the wall to house the sink and breakfast bar.

Industrial Kitchen - £13,529

This modern industrial style kitchen features exposed brickwork and looks great in sleek black adding a pinch of urban cool. This style was based on a commercial restaurant kitchen and looks great with freestanding stainless steel appliances.

Entertaining Kitchen - £18,848

This large striking kitchen has a pair of islands. One for cooking whilst entertaining and one for utility. The large tall bank of recessed kitchen units creates a real wow factor adding to the minimalistic, uncluttered look of the kitchen.