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Modern Kitchens

Design Contemporary Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips

There is an art to creating a contemporary minimalist kitchen. Despite minimal kitchens being simple in their designs, there is actually lots to consider. When they look their best, they appear sleek, sophisticated, and refined. However, when they are done wrong, they can look cold, clinical and incomplete. So, if you are in need of some advice on how to avoid this, here are our top tips to help you along the way to creating your dream, minimal kitchen.

1. Mastering All White

Minimalism and the colour white go hand in hand. There’s nothing cleaner or crisper than a pure white kitchen. However, sticking to an all-white theme is the easiest to make look cold and clinical. Despite this, they serve as a beautiful base for adding accessories. Why not add simple pops of colour with plants? Coloured Vases? Fruit bowls? Adding blocks of colour will effectively add warmth to the space. In addition, pay close attention to the materials you use for your kitchen tap, for example. Finishes like brass or gold add spots of visual interest across your kitchen.

With these small sprinkles of colour and warmth, you are guaranteed to create a stunning warm but sleek contemporary minimalist kitchen.

2. Focus on Materials Instead

Instead of focussing so much on the colour of your kitchen, you could consider bringing all the attention to the materials you choose instead. Marry your backsplash and worktop materials together to create a cohesive design. Marble, granite and Silestone are brilliant choices. These luxury finishes shall command attention and look effortlessly striking in a minimalist setting. Their natural patterns and textures add small but stunning amounts of detail and visual interest. Paired alongside our understated slab fronted cabinets, this tip shall create a decadent finish with a minimalist edge.

3. Monochrome Minimalism

We understand that opting for an all-white design is a definite lifestyle choice. It requires cleaning and upkeep that some of us simply don’t have the time for. So, if you like the idea of using whites in your contemporary minimalist kitchen, a monochrome style may be the ideal option. Black cabinets with white worktops radiate sophistication. As do white cabinets with black worktops.  Or choose one colour for both your cabinetry and worktops then consider adding black finishes like taps, lighting and so on. With a monochromatic theme, you will achieve a modern, chic kitchen that exudes depth and contrast.

4. Add a Warm Glow with Undercabinet Lighting

The final design tip we have for you is under cabinet lighting. We often suggest LED strip lights to our customers who are looking to add a warm glow to their spaces. Simply stick them to the surface and easily remove them if you ever change your mind. Undercabinet lighting gives your room a modern, almost ethereal glow while helping the area feel a little more airy and open. Not only that, but this lighting will illuminate your work surface to help you with your prepping and cooking tasks.

We hope that with these four tips you will begin to master the art of a minimalist kitchen. If you are currently in the process of designing a new modern, minimalist kitchen and would like some help, feel free to contact us on 01604 435835. We will help make your dream space become a reality!